Special Orders

Customers can order cases of grocery items for 10% off the normal retail price, both for items we carry in the store and for items we do not stock but can get from our distributors. (We can also order most vitamin and body care items in single units. The Vitamin/Body Care department staff will determine the price for items Sundance does not carry.)

Anything we can get from our suppliers, we can provide for our customers. For items Sundance carries, customers receive a 10% discount off the regular retail price on all case or full bag special orders. Items on sale may have a different case discount, or occasionally no further discount, depending on the terms Sundance receives on the sale item. (This will be stated on the sale sign.)

For items that Sundance does not carry, the warehouse manager or grocery buyer must determine the case price, as there are sometimes circumstances that affect the discount amount. This cannot be combined with any other discounts.